Jerry Wee-sensei Honored at Am Can International Judo Challenge


At the recent Am Can International Judo Challenge, Jerry Wee, Head Sensei at Konan and JAM member club, Macomb Y Judo, was awarded the Dr. Sachio Ashida Distinguished Service Award.

This award seeks to recognize and honor individuals who give of themselves unselfishly to promote, develop and support the sport of Judo, while exhibiting the highest degree of  character and ethical standards.

Those of you who know Jerry know that he indeed exemplifies these qualities.  Beginning at the Detroit Judo Club under John Osako-sensei, for almost a half century Jerry has contributed to judo as an elite competitor, a coach, a teacher, a referee and a devoted fund-raiser and board member for the Michigan Judo Development Association .  In addition to being a friend to judo, Jerry is a friend to every judoka he meets.

In typical fashion, at this year’s Am Can, in addition to refereeing, Jerry escorted a group of a half-dozen or so young judoka  to the tournament and guided them to a very successful experience. I am sure he also twisted a few arms and sold some merchandise to support MJDA, too.

The award is given with the permission of the Ashida Family, to honor Dr. Ashida’s nearly eight decades of enrichment to the sport of judo.  Congratulations to Jerry Wee-sensei for this well deserved recognition!

Pete Catlos
Student of Jerry Wee

2 Responses to “Jerry Wee-sensei Honored at Am Can International Judo Challenge”

  1. Dan Mitoraj Says:

    Congrats Gerry, you help make judo a success in the US and help build for future generations as both Sensei and referee.

  2. Jerry Jackson Says:

    Outstanding! Well done indeed. Jerry Wee is a great example of dedication and work effort for his beloved sport of judo. I’m very proud of this recognition for him.

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