Konan Life Membership

FurukawaThe Konan Judo Association Life Membership was established by its Board of Governors on September 9, 2001 for the purpose of creating a funding vehicle to help Konan with its developmental programs.

Current Life Members are listed here.

Money received for Life Memberships is placed in the Louis Furukawa Endowment Fund. The fund was named in honor of Louis Furakawa in 2006.

The fee for a Konan Judo Association Life Membership is $150 or more.  In addition to the satisfaction that comes from supporting the judo community, as a Konan Life Member, you receive the following benefits:

  • Recognition of support for Konan Judo
    • Life Membership Certificate
    • Permanent registration in the Konan Life Membership Log
  • Preferential Fees
    • No Konan Judo Association annual dues
    • No  Konan Promotion fees
    • Free admission to the Konan Invitational and Promotional Tournaments
  • Reduction in time-in-grade requirement for promotion

Please help support the development of judo in Konan by becoming a Life Member.

Konan Life Membership Form

Michael A. Hart
Louis M. Furukawa &
Konan Life Membership Chair
(248) 842-4721

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