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Video – Judo 2012 World Masters Almaty: Sanjaasuren (MGL) – Morishita (JPN) [-66kg] semi-final

August 27, 2012

From Jerry jackson:

A safe time to attack without fear of a counter attack is demonstrated by Sanjaasuren (MGL) in White.

Zip through 85% of the clip and notice Morishita (JPN) Blue seems to have lost his concentration and his desire to defend against an attack. He has let go with this right hand and now it’s useless as a defensive tool. He doesn’t seem to have a sense of danger or fear of his opponent.

Sanjaasuren can’t believe his good fortune. He immediately takes a high upper sleeve grip on Morishita’s upper left arm to ensure that Morishita is unable to pull away from what comes next, a beautifully executed ashi waza. Notice the downward pulling of the sleeve by Sanjaasuren and how he tucks it in to create the torque needed to complete the throw. Outstanding competitive instincts and technique!!

Giants of Judo – Katsuhiko Kashiwazaki

June 23, 2012

Giants of Judo – Masahiko Kimura

June 16, 2012

Click here for more on Kimura-sensei


March 17, 2012

101 JUDO IPPONS 2011 – Coming Soon. Help us choose the final ippon – it is a tough choice – Click here to vote now.

Japanese Web Site – Judo Channel

December 4, 2011

柔道チャンネルThanks to Harun Boganic of Saito-dojo for finding this excellent judo website, sponsored by Token Corporation, one of the main sponsors of the All Japan Judo Federation.

Click here for the English language site.

Click here for a Japanese page with many well-known Japanese players demonstrating techniques.  Click on a player’s picture  to start a video.

Video – Ippon for Ronaldo – Name the Waza

September 4, 2011

Video – Sode-tsurikomi-goshi

August 11, 2011

From Harun Bogdanic:  Just like Mr. Cho taught us!

Saito-dojo Itsutsu-no-kata Clinic Reminder – Instructional Materials

July 6, 2011

Just a reminder – this Sunday, July 10, 2011 at Saito-dojo, as very special instructional clinic on Itsutsu-no-kata.

Click here for details.

To obtain instructional materials from a prior clinic,click here: Itsutsu-no-kata Instructions .

If you plan to attend, please review these materials and the video here.

Uchi-mata – Part 2 – Kosei Inoue

June 30, 2011

Refer to technical analysis found here.

Click here for more Inoue Uchi-mata

Cho Returns (on video)!

May 24, 2011

The new Konan-produced video explaining the techniques of  World Champion In Chul Cho  is scheduled for release in June.

Details to follow on Konan web site, or e-mail Steven DeRaedt.


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