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Video Highlight Tokyo Grand Slam 2012

April 28, 2013


26 minutes of great judo!  Look for Kobayashi’s uchi-mata on Illiadis at the 23 minute mark.

Kobayashi-Illliadis 2012 Tokyo Grand Slam


Amarilis Savon, Cuban Olympic Medalist and World Champion to Visit Michigan

April 24, 2013

Michigan Judo Development is pleased to announce plans for a clinic featuring one of Cuba’s best recent female judo players,  Amarilis Savon. The clinic is planned for July – Watch for details here shortly.  Thanks to Mr. Noboru Saito-sensei for arranging this special clinic.

Ms. Savon’s career highlights:

Olympic Games

  • Bronze 1992 Barcelona -48 kg
  • Bronze 1996 Atlanta -48 kg
  • Bronze 2004 Athens -52 kg

World Championships

  • Bronze 1995 Chiba -48 kg
  • Silver 1997 Paris -48 kg
  • Silver 1999 Birmingham -48 kg
  • Gold 2003 Osaka -52 kg

Pan American Games

  • Gold 1995 Mar del Plata -48 kg
  • Gold 1999 Winnipeg -48 kg
  • Gold 2003 Santo Domingo -52 kg

Video – IJF Ippon of Day – Qingdao Grand Prix Day 2

December 6, 2012

Video – Judo All Japan 2000: Inoue (JPN) – Suzuki (JPN)

November 17, 2012

Inoue knows a bit about ne-waza, too.

Video – Mysterious Newaza

September 19, 2012

From Steven deRaedt:

Video – Judo 2012 World Masters Almaty: Sanjaasuren (MGL) – Morishita (JPN) [-66kg] semi-final

August 27, 2012

From Jerry jackson:

A safe time to attack without fear of a counter attack is demonstrated by Sanjaasuren (MGL) in White.

Zip through 85% of the clip and notice Morishita (JPN) Blue seems to have lost his concentration and his desire to defend against an attack. He has let go with this right hand and now it’s useless as a defensive tool. He doesn’t seem to have a sense of danger or fear of his opponent.

Sanjaasuren can’t believe his good fortune. He immediately takes a high upper sleeve grip on Morishita’s upper left arm to ensure that Morishita is unable to pull away from what comes next, a beautifully executed ashi waza. Notice the downward pulling of the sleeve by Sanjaasuren and how he tucks it in to create the torque needed to complete the throw. Outstanding competitive instincts and technique!!

Olympic Preview: Judo 2011 World Championships Paris: Kayla Harrison (USA) – Audrey Tcheumeo FRA)

June 28, 2012

Closely matched rivals fight to an unfortunate end for Kayla, who will be looking for a different result in London.

Hawn Clinic Rescheduled

April 27, 2012

We are going to reschedule the Rick Hawn Clinic from May 4/5/6 to either the third, or fourth weekend in July. It will still have both an Ohio and Michigan stage to it. Rick won his fight in Cleveland last weekend and is now eligible for a championship bout in New Orleans and had contractual obligations for training. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Details will be posted shortly

Contact either Paul Jordan (Ohio) and Steve DeRaedt (Michigan) by clicking on name, for further details or if you have pre-registered.

In the meantime, here is a clip featuring Mr. Hawn:


March 17, 2012

101 JUDO IPPONS 2011 – Coming Soon. Help us choose the final ippon – it is a tough choice – Click here to vote now.

2011 IJF World Championships – Medal Matches

September 7, 2011 has medal matches from all 6 days of this year’s worl championships posted. Show support for future judo broadcasts by watching these highlights.  Each viewing is a vote for continued judo coverage on ESPN.

Click on the links below to see the day’s medal matches:







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