Special Clinic – Traditions of the Kodokan- July 6, Grand Rapids MI


On Friday, July 6, 2018 at the Amway Grand Hotel, Grand Rapids MI, host hotel for the 2018 USJF/USJA Junior Nationals, there will be a unique judo opportunity:

Lecture and on-mat sessions to learn about the traditions, rituals, and concepts of Kano Sensei’s development of Judo from a very special guest clinician and lecturer: Sensei Susumu Takahashi, Professor and Managing Director of Daito Bunka University, 7th Dan, Kodokan Instructor, IJF International World Referee.

Click here for the full brochure and registration form.

***Please be sure to bring a white judo-gi to the clinic.

Sponsored by the USJF Referee Development and Certification Committee (RDCS)

For more information: E-mail Calvin Terada, Chair, USJF-RDCS.


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