Konan and USJF Self Defense Workshop Opportunity – May 20 – Ann Arbor MI


Konan is pleased to announce that on May 20th we are offering those sankyu and above an opportunity for certification as a USJF Self Defense Instructor (level you are able to achieve is based on your rank). Please click this link for a copy of the Self Defense Workshop flyer.

We will be holding a one day workshop and are asking that you to pre-register by eob May 12th so we can have the materials available for you for the workshop. There are some pre-workshop video’s that we are asking you to review along with a knowledge assessment required for your certification – please review the flyer for more details.

We are pleased to bring in 3 Self Defense Committee Members and the USJF Corporate Attorney for this event.

If you have any questions please contact Neil Simon at  or Don Flagg .

Looking forward to your participation.

Neil Simon, Chairperson
The USJF Self Defense Committee

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