Pedro Training Camp Report – Harun Bogdanic


2016-07 Harun Olympic Camp 1

I would first like to thank my Sensei Mr. Noboru Saito, Mr. Jerry Wee, Mr. Neil Simon-President of Judo Affiliates of Michigan, Mr. Steve DeRaedt, Mr. Thomas Gomez and rest of JAM Trustees, Mr. Jim Murray-Konan Yudanshakai president, Mr. Pete Catlos-Konan Treasurer, and Michigan Judo Development Association for all the help I have received to go to Boston, MA to train with Team USA.

It was a two week training camp to help our Olympians prepare for the Rio Games. There were two a day practices for the duration of the camp. Alternating between tachi-waza and ne-waza throughout the day. There were lots of drills, grip fighting, and randori. The training was hard but even more excruciating for the athletes themselves as it was designed around them.

2016-07 Harun Olympic Camp 2We also had the pleasure of welcoming six judoka from Japan. Four men and two women all on the national team. With the Olympians, the Olympic training partners, and the Japanese national team it made the training camp even tougher.

It was an amazing experience to train with some of the best judoka. This encourages me to train harder and set my goals for my competitive career even higher. I would like to thank everyone once again for their kind-hearted support.

Harun Bogdanic
July 29, 2016

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