Konan Promotion Examinations – Ernest Otani & Vic Kasprowicz – Shodan

Vic & Ernie Promo

Ernest Otani (3rd from left) & Vic Kasprowicz (1st on right)

Congrats to both Ernie Otani and Vic Kasprowicz who passed their Shodan examinations at the promotion evaluation event yesterday at Saito Dojo.  Amazing over 200 hundred years of judo expertise is represented in the photo above to complement the smiles!

Thanks to Saito-senei for hosting and supervising the event,  for Jerry Wee-sensei  for leading the examination team which included Emily Wee and Pete Catlos.

In the spirit of cooperation for mutual benefit, Dakotah Kilbourne (for Ernest Otani) and Andrew Allen (for Vic Kasprowicz) generously served as nage-no-kata partners  and gokyu-no-waza ukes for the examinees.

Steven DeReadt

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