2016 Rio Olympics and A Bright Future for Judo



From USA Judo:

On August 1st, the team of six American judokas will head to Rio for the 2016 Olympic Games! With only 19 days left, USA Judo would like to share some important information regarding the status of our sport at this year’s Olympic Games.

We have seen much progress in the sport of judo this Olympic quadrennial, both in the United States and Worldwide. Here are some of the huge milestones this sport has achieved in the past 4 years:

  • The International Judo Federation has announced new record numbers for this year’s Olympic Games. 136 Countries with a total of 389 Competitors will be attending the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. This surpasses the record numbers achieved in London 2012.
  • At the 2016 Rio Olympics, Judo Finals will be considered as a Prime Event; putting the Judo Finals into the same category as Gymnastics Finals, 100M Athletics Finals, and Tennis Finals.
  • USA Judo Athletes are earning wages and receiving support more than any other time in USA Judo history. In the last four years (2013-2016), USA Judo’s top four athletes (Kayla Harrison, Marti Malloy, Travis Stevens and Nick Delpopolo) received a minimum funding of $150,000 per athlete.
  • The International Judo Federation will soon be formally announcing that the 2017 World’s in Budapest, Hungary will offer a $1 Million total prize purse – thus placing these Championships in the top tier Olympic sports earnings.
  • Judo has received more media interest leading up to Rio and we anticipate receiving TV coverage during this year’s Olympic Games.

It is obvious that the sport of judo is moving into levels never achieved before.

USA Judo congratulates the International Judo Federation, under the leadership of Mr. Marius Vizer, for the many historical firsts at this coming Olympic Games, as well as the last four years.

We want to thank the United States Olympic Committee, the International Judo Federation, our sponsors and donors for all their support. We couldn’t achieve this much success without our wonderful partners… Now onward to Rio and a bright future!

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