Million Budget for 2016 Olympic Year

USA Judo Logo Vertical 2009 RIrving, Texas- November 22, 2015 – On the occasion of the USA Judo President Cup in Irving, Texas, the USA Judo Board of Directors met to review the accomplishments of 2015 as well as to discuss ways to improve the organization’s governance. Furthermore, the USA Judo Board of Directors began to make plans for the next Olympic quadrennial.

Among the items that were discussed and approved by the Board of Directors included the creation of a new USA Judo Foundation using the funds that were recently transferred to USA Judo from the American Judo Fund. This new foundation will be governed by an independent board that is appointed by the USA Judo Board of Directors. The structure is set up in a manner that will permit the foundation assets to be consolidated with USA Judo financial assets, though the entities will maintain proper separate governance to protect these valuable assets. Mr. Tom James, USA Judo legal counsel, is presently working with the Board to finalize and register this new foundation as a 501-C3 corporation. “We are very pleased to have these funds maintained under the governance of USA Judo’s Board and membership, and we look forward to increasing the funds with donations from our members”, said Mr. Noboru Saito, member of USA Judo Board of Directors and Chair of the Audit Committee.

During the Board meeting in Irving, the Board of Directors also studied and discussed the 2016 organization’s budget as presented by USA Judo CEO, Jose H. Rodriguez. The 2016 budget presented and approved projects where our organization will receive revenues of approximately $1,750,500. This increased revenue projection reflects one of the largest budgets USA Judo has ever approved, and among other programs demonstrates an investment in Elite and Junior Athletes of $750,000.00. “It is very important to us that our single sponsor and partner, the United States Olympic Committee, has continued to increase their financial support of USA Judo’s athletes and programs year after year. At the same time, our membership continues to grow reflecting the success that our athletes are having on the international stage.” stated USA Judo President, Lance Nading in between meetings in Irving.

The USA Judo Board of Directors is made up of 10 members, each elected by the membership. The 2015-2016 Board of Directors include Lance Nading, President; Noboru Saito (elected by Referees); Leo White (elected by Coaches); Devin Cohen (elected by Group A ); Christal Ransom (elected by Athletes); Brian Olson (elected by Athletes); Mark Hill (Independent Director); Gerry Navarro (elected by Group B ); Jason Rivera (Independent Director); Lance Nading (At-Large Director); Joe Marchal (At-Large Director).

The USA Judo Board of Directors thanks each and every one of our members for your continued support to the sport, our organization, and our athletes.

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