Report on 1st 2015 Junior Nationals Training Workout


2015-03 Jr. Nat PicI would just like to say thanks to the parents, kids, and coaches who came out Junior National Training Workshop on Saturday, March 3  in Kalamazoo. We had lots of kids on the mat from all over Michigan. Everyone got to work out with new people and gain some different perspectives to get ready for all the competitions that we have coming up. Special thanks to the Rick, Dusty and everyone at Alliance AZO for hosting. If you haven’t ever made it to their dojo it’s a great facility with great student and great coaches.

I know that this work out was a little far for some people to make it out, but we are hoping to schedule some more of these in the next few months. If your dojo would be interested in hosting one of these workouts please let me know by email,  We have a lot of talent in Konan and we should share it as much as we can. That’s how we all get better.

Greg Ondrus
VP Konan

One Response to “Report on 1st 2015 Junior Nationals Training Workout”

  1. stevendmich Says:

    Frank/Greg/Ron, etc.: Thanks for pulling this together and executing and planning this workout for our future Senseis!

    Steven DeRaedt

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