Konan Life Membership


FurukawaJoin at the Konan Invitational this Sunday and your entry fee will be waived!

Becoming a Konan Life Member will put you in the best of company for those supporting Konan in its development efforts through the Louis M. Furukawa Endowment.

The Konan Judo Association Life Membership was established by its Board of Governors on September 9, 2001 for the purpose of creating a funding vehicle to help Konan with its developmental programs.

Besides receiving a certificate to show your commitment to exceptional mid-west regional judo, there are other benefits such as a waived Konan fee for your annual USJF membership; this is a $7.50 yearly savings. Also, the registration costs are waived for competing in the annual Konan Promotional and Invitational Tournaments. There are additional benefits to Life Membership such as waived Konan promotional fees, but check the full list of benefits on the Life Membership form (click here) or on the Konan Life Membership page.

If you are interested in becoming a Konan Life Member, please contact the Life Membership Chair, Michael A. Hart by email or call him at (248) 842-4721.


Michael A. Hart
Louis M. Furakawa &
Konan Life Membership Chair

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