Thanks to Konan from UH for Judo in Africa Donations


Former Konan Member, S. Taniguchi, writes in thanks for Konan donations to the University of Hawaii Judo Club’s Judo in Africa Program in response to a post on the Konan website in February.


Dear Judoka, Supporters, and Fans,

Judo Team at the University of Hawaii sent Judo-gis and Judo textbooks to Rwanda in support of the Judo development in Africa on July 2014. On behalf of the Judo Team at the University of Hawaii, we would like to recognize and thank following individuals, clubs, and organizations for supporting our program (Alphabetical order). Thank you very much!

Mr. P.Catlos
Mr. D.Flagg
Ms. J.Giurad
Mr. T.Gomez
Mr. T.Kamioka
Ms. K.Nishina
Mr. R.Nozaki
Mr. J.Hirano
Mr. R.Sanchez
Mr. N.Saito
Mr. T.Sheehan
Mr. S.Taniguchi
Mr. G.Tashombe
Mr. K.Watkins

Konan Yudanshakai
Michigan Judo Development Association (MJDA)
Michigan State University Judo Club
Judo Affiliates of Michigan
Judoka network at the University of Michigan
Judo Team at the University of Hawaii
Saito-Wee Dojo
YMCA-Ann Arbor
United States Judo Association
United States Judo Federation
USA Judo

S. Taniguchi
Judo Team at the Univeristy of Hawaii
Head Coach and Director of Judo for Africa Program

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