Nakano Clinic Report


2014-05 Nakano Clnic 1

Photos taken by Mari Nakayama

This clinic was held at the Saito-dojo located in Birmingham YMCA, Birmingham, Michigan on Saturday, May 17, 2014.

The clinic was started on time at 1 pm with introduction of Nakano-sensei by the host Noboru Saito. Nakano sensei taught importance of basics such as grip (what part of fingers to put the pressure), location of hikite (pulling) with hand near the partner’s forearm near the elbow, tsurite’s location and how to place tsurite hand to the partner’s chest, first step foot position and height of that knee (weight on) , then hikite pulling direction, and taisaki speed (two step entry), etc.

First, Nakano-sensei started with throwing techniques: he showed his Taiotoshi (about 40 minutes), then to Kouchigari for another 30 minutes. After his demonstration, students tried the techniques with Nakano-sensei making corrections as they practiced. Students asked many questions and Nakano-sensei took time to answer by showing and explaining more about his Taiotoshi and Kouchigari. After about 10 minutes break, he showed us a turn-over that was easy to understand, with four ‘what-if” cases from the first position.

2014-05 Nakano Clnic 2After about 10 minutes break, he showed us a turn-over that was easy to understand, with four ‘what-if” cases from the first position.

After a break for group pictures, we had free practice session for 40 minutes, starting with 5 rounds of newaza randori and then 8 rounds, 3 minutes each, of standing randori.

Over all, students were very happy to learn from Nakano-sensei and enjoyed his demonstration of techniques.

Total of 11 clubs and 34 students attended. Names are listed below.

Ann Arbor Y: (3)

Sonny Ahn, You-Chia Change, Joan Greve,

Alliance Azo: (3)

Madison Nakayama, Morgan Nakayama, Mitchell Nakayama

Che Ko Martial Art Academy: (1)

Mark Kanaar

Easter Michigan University: (2)

Bill Houston, Jacob McIvor

Godai Judo Club: (6)

Jim Murray, Luis Cotto, Ashley Constantine, Orlando Espinosa, Vernia Johnson, Sergio Tinoco

Japanese Martial Art Studio: (1)

Steve Morris

Michigan State University: (2)

Tom Sheehan, Greg Ondrus

Macomb Y: (2)

Dakotah Killbourne, Robert Magee

Project Truth: (2)

Tim Eschteath, Lindsey Thurlow

Saito Dojo: (10)

Frank Cuccia, Lutz Engmann (O.U.), Gabriela Gomez Zubieta, Daniela Gomez Zubieta, Thomas Gomez, Nick Joseph, Ricardo Joseph, Chu-Lih Ju, Grace Magee, Kohsuke Tashiro,

Tory Judo Club: (3)

George Morrles, Anthony Morrles, Myah Morrles,

No affiliation: Joe Selepak

This clinic was partially funded by  a USJF Development Grant of $500 through Konan Yudanshai. The grant was used to help pay for a reasonable instruction fee for Nakano-sensei. Thank you very much to USJF and Konan for making this grant – without this grant it would have been very difficult to hold this clinic.

Personal thank you’s to Mrs. Julie Koyama (USJF Development Chair), and Mr. James Murray (Konan President) for this grant assistance, to Mr. Neil Simon for securing the sanction, to Pete Catlos and Dan Mitoraj for additional financial support for the clinic, and, most importantly, to Mr. Shintaro Nakano to come to Detroit area from San Jose to share his great technical knowledge of judo by conducting this great clinic for Michigan Judo students.

Submitted by Gerald Wee and Noboru Saito (co-host of event)

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