2013 Grand Slam Team Invitational – Grand Rapids MI


Hi All,

Hope you all can make Saturday, December 28, 2013 for the Grand Slam Team Invitational in Grand Rapids MI at the Godai Judo Kroc Center (click here for a map). We are limited to 8 male and 8 female teams so you will want to get your spot right away.

Click here for more information: 2013 Grand Slam Team Invitational Flyer


  1. Four Person Male Teams and Three person Female Teams
  2. Current IJF Rules
  3. 4 Minute Match Times
  4. Open weight and rank. Not winner stay.
  5. Most individual wins totaled to win team match
  6. There will be Hikiwake if and individual match ends in a tie.
  7. 1st Team Tie Breaker – Point System 10 Ippon,, 7 Wazari, 5 Yuko, 2 Shito
  8. 2nd Team Tie Breaker – Hikiwake match will fight in Golden Score match
  9. 3rd Team Tie Breaker – A single lottery chosen player from each team compete a second time.


Please plan to attend with your team a holiday potluck banquet at the home of Jim Murray, 5091 Streamside Ct., Rockford, MI 49341 immediately following the conclusion of the event.

Jim Murray
President Konan Judo Association
Ph: 616-293-1568

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