Marti Malloy Wows Konan with Championship Techniques


2013 Malloy Group web

From Saito-sensei:

The Malloy clinic last Saturday was huge success – one of best attended clinics ever hosted by MJDA, Konan and JAM.

A total of 39  students attended plus Saito, Wee and many parents who took video, so the dojo was packed. Special thanks to our four friends from St. Louis who drive 9 hours, overnight, to attend.

Ms.  Malloy demonstrated that she is an excellent instructor – well-organized and with very solid technique.

2013 Malloy Sankaku turnover - webIn the first of two sessions she taught a number of ne-waza techniques:-

  1. Turn-over from bottom – 3 variations
  2. Ne-waza attack to pin from the back when opponent’s throw fails
  3. Juji gatame from Sankaku fake.

In the second session, she demonstrated and taught tachi-waza techniques:

  1. Ippon seoinage – from very high standing position
  2. Left kouchi from right-side grip after with fake sode tsurikomi goshi
  3. Sumi-gaeshi (hikikomi grip) using kouchi-gari fake to sutemi-waza.

Between clinics and after the second session, many people attendees posed for pictures with Ms. Malloy and her Olympic and World Championship medals.  The younger students had many questions – It was good to see these young students excited about this Judo Olympian.

Ms. Malloy reported that she enjoyed her visit to Konan immensely and looks forward to returning to Konan in November with a two-day clinic at Chu To Bu West, Avon OH. Click here for details.

Thanks to all the attendees and special thanks to MJDA, Konan and JAM for financial support of this clinic. To lean more about MJDA or to become a supporter, click here.

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