St. Francis Bushido Dojo – Welcome Back!


2013-09 Rosebud Dojo

Recently, Konan Board of Examiners Chairman Don Flagg traveled to the furthest reaches of our Yudanshakai, to Sensei David Halmi’s  St, Francis Bushido Dojo, now relocated to Rosebud SD

Mr. Flagg  went there to visit and learn more about their club.  Here is his report:

A great bunch of guys.

Sensei Halmi is currently trying to raise monies ($10,000.00) to build a dedicated dojo on his family’s land (Little Thunder family).  He’ll be sending me some drawings and proposals in the near future. 

I look forward to visiting them again. Truly.  But since it’s nearly 1000 miles from my house to his, it won’t be soon.  They’re having a blizzard today!

Any other questions, please feel free to ask.  Sensei Halmi and I are of the same generation and really had a great time together. 

Look for more news on Sensei Halmi’s new dojo soon. Click here to send your messages of support and encouragement.

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