Amarilis Savon, Cuban Olympic Medalist and World Champion to Visit Michigan


Michigan Judo Development is pleased to announce plans for a clinic featuring one of Cuba’s best recent female judo players,  Amarilis Savon. The clinic is planned for July – Watch for details here shortly.  Thanks to Mr. Noboru Saito-sensei for arranging this special clinic.

Ms. Savon’s career highlights:

Olympic Games

  • Bronze 1992 Barcelona -48 kg
  • Bronze 1996 Atlanta -48 kg
  • Bronze 2004 Athens -52 kg

World Championships

  • Bronze 1995 Chiba -48 kg
  • Silver 1997 Paris -48 kg
  • Silver 1999 Birmingham -48 kg
  • Gold 2003 Osaka -52 kg

Pan American Games

  • Gold 1995 Mar del Plata -48 kg
  • Gold 1999 Winnipeg -48 kg
  • Gold 2003 Santo Domingo -52 kg

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