Kayla Inspires!


Kayla-MageeIn early December, Sensei Paul Jordan of Chu To Bu West Judo, JuJitsu and MMA of Avon Ohio hosted a youth and adult clinic led by Olympic Gold Medalist Kayla Harrison.  Here is a report by one young participant.

My sister and I recently had the opportunity to attend the Kayla Harrison clinic in Avon Ohio.

As I’m sure everyone knows she is the first women for the USA to win a gold medal in Judo. Her Judo is fantastic.

We did several drills on grip fighting, throws and newaza. The grip fighting was fun and something new for me as our workouts are more traditional and we work on the basics.  I now try to “KILL THE SLEEVE” before I get my lapel grip.

My little sister loved the newaza “split the leg guard pass” and now uses it all the time.

The clinic was fun and well worth the drive from Michigan. We got a chance to hold a real gold medal, and Kayla talked about what it was like winning and losing and traveling the world.  (The losing part is what I struggle with.)

As a girl in Judo, I sometimes get discouraged, as I mostly workout with guys who are bigger and stronger than me. It’s encouraging to meet Kayla and to know that I’m not the only girl that has felt this way.

If any of you girls out there get a chance to go to one of here clinics do it. She’ll work you hard and you’ll have fun doing it.

Rayeanne Magee
Saito /Wee Dojo

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