Additional 2012 Sanix Report from Dr. Larry Tsutsui, Kenji Litke, Takashi Tsutsi


Sanix Poster

The Global Arena

Returning to the Global Arena for the 2012 Sanix International Junior High School tournament in December 2012 was a time to see old friends, familiar faces and make new friends.  For the coaches, Martha and Alan, it was their second visit. For Martha her first visit was 8 years ago as a competitor and for Alan five years ago as a parent. For Rob, his first visit, but he heard of the Global Arena through his sons, Bryce and Chase, who were on past teams. For myself, a third visit to this wondrous place. The club house lobby is magical with a big Christmas Tree tables, couches and chairs. A great place to visit and rest. The guest rooms were comfortable and warm. The teams’s rooms spacious with twelve bunk beds in each room for our teams of five boys and three girls.

Please click here to read the full 2nd report – you will get a good idea of the Sanix experience and what it means to the young athletes and their coaches. Click here to read the first report.

Thanks again to Imamura-sensei, Saito-sensei and our judo friends in Fukuoka who arrange for this great annual event, with funding help from USJF, Konan Judo and MJDA.

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