Kohl’s Cares – A Grant Possibility for Your Non-Profit Club


New USJF LogoUSJF  news from Kelly Barnes of San Shi Judo Dojo, Visa CA:

Hello friends,

I learned about this program from my son’s kindergarten PTA.

If you click here you can learn about the funding program to benefit youth 18 and under.

Then click here to create an account.

If your entity is a 501c3, (as is San Shi dojo, under the Japanese American Cultural Center of Vista), the Kohl’s on-line system should be able to pull up your non-profit when you register with your Tax ID  number or EIN.

Kohl’s is the 4th largest US department store by sales, below JCPenney, and above Nordstrom.

Please click here  for information on Kohl’s Cares program. If you are running an event for persons under 18 years of age, you might qualify for their $500 grant and some volunteers to help with your tournament, clinic, etc.

Click here to read more about this grant.

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