Paul Jordan Report on USJF Fall Grow Your Judo Club Seminar


This fall Konan Second Vice President Paul Jordan, head Sensei of Chu To Bu West Judo, Jujitsu & MMA, attended a USJF Seminar on How To Grow Your Judo Club.  Paul’s trip was partially funded by Konan Judo and the USJF.  As the professional operator of  a judo club and fitness center, Paul was selected as the  Konan representative at this seminar, along with Frances Glaze, who recently opened Black Swamp Judo, in the Toledo area.

Here is Paul’s Report:

From the desk of the Paul Jordan – November 20, 2012

First, I’d like to thank Konan and its Executive Committee for the opportunity to participate in Dallas at the USJF strategic planning session for building dojos from the ground up, Oct. 31-Nov 1.

Having ideas of my own on how to start and build a judo club from the ground up, I was very interested in learning new techniques on how to build and expand not only my club, but importantly, all clubs in the Konan Yudanshakai.

The facilitator of this event, Roy Kawaji, owner of Portland Judo in Oregon, was very articulate, witty and has a personality that would attract you to become fully engaged with his presentation.

Day 1 started out with activities that require you to engage outside most comfort zones.  Sitting with people you don’t know (pretending they weren’t judo people), finding out their likes and dislikes and DO NOT talk anything judo. But that didn’t last long seeing somehow I always went back to judo. Activities like these reminded me that I do need to reconnect and solidify relationships with athletes and parents.

Click here to continue reading Paul’s Report.

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