Konan Board of Governors Officers Election Results


I have been informed by Eric Richards, Konan Secretary concerning the electronic voting tally of the recent election.

I am pleased to announce our new 2012 – 14 Konan Officers:

President: Jim Murray (Godai)*
First VP: Pete Catlos (Macomb Y)*
Second VP: Paul Jordan (Chu To Bu)
Treasurer: Michael Hart (IBR)
Secretary: Eric Richards (Grand Rapids)*

* Designates returning BoG Member

The Chairman of the Board of Examiners remains Mr. Don Flagg (MSU).

The Executive Committee, which conducts the day-to-day business of Konan, is comprised of the elected Officers, the Chairman of the Board of Examiners and the Past-President.

Congrats to them and we appreciate their interest in supporting judo.

This new BoG will transition between now and October 15 and please give them your continued full support and help with volunteering. They will prepare the next 2012/13 operating budget and circulate that for approval in November.

If you have not registered your club with USJF yet, please make that a priority as the old memberships expired last month. Click here to obtain your club registration form.

Thanks and I enjoyed my time working with you as Konan President and look forward to contributing as Past-President.

Steven DeRaedt

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