Report on Korea Summer Training 2012


by Joon Chi, for USJF on Friday, August 31st, 2012

This  last trip to Korea was our 6th participation.

Once again it was very worth while trip and very much learned and enjoyed ( See attachment letters from students).

The training session was four session per day, first day we cannot follow due to lack of training experience so we did two sessions only.

The second day we started to catch up with three session per day until the end of the training camp.

Also we have one day good friendly team competition ended up 3 – 1 for Korean Team.

The attendees from the USJF made me very proud. They had excellent attitude toward training and behavior as young Judoka.

I really appreciate your support and feel that the attendance by USJF is beneficial to the students as well as to the sport of Judo.

Click here for full story.

To learn more about qualification and participation in this USJF supported annual event, contact your sensei at your USJF club.

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