ESPN In London To Continue Documentary on Dartanyon Crockett


From USA  Judo:

The ESPN documentary began with a question: “Through it all, what would you do for a friend?”

What Dartanyon Crockett did for his friend was to physically carry him wherever he needed to go.

Crockett is legally blind. His best friend, Leroy Sutton, was an amputee. They both were wrestlers at their urban Cleveland high school and Crockett carried Sutton on his back virtually everywhere: onto the bus in the mornings for school and to the edge of the mat at every competition. See the YouTube film, “High School Teammates and Wrestlers Carry On,” below:

ESPN captured the story in a documentary and, led by producer Lisa Fenn, is in London to journal more of Crockett’s amazing journey. Crockett and Sutton remain great friends but have each gone their own way. Nearly a week ago Crockett stepped off a plane in London to represent his country at the 2012 Paralympic Games.

Click here for full story.

– Story by Ernest Pund, USA Judo Communications

One Response to “ESPN In London To Continue Documentary on Dartanyon Crockett”

  1. CarolLynn Boice Says:

    Dartanyon and are amazing men and inspirations to all those who think they “can’t”! And Lisa your commitment to these men is BEYOND amazing….I was touched by your story, but more by your perservance.

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