Video – Judo 2012 World Masters Almaty: Sanjaasuren (MGL) – Morishita (JPN) [-66kg] semi-final


From Jerry jackson:

A safe time to attack without fear of a counter attack is demonstrated by Sanjaasuren (MGL) in White.

Zip through 85% of the clip and notice Morishita (JPN) Blue seems to have lost his concentration and his desire to defend against an attack. He has let go with this right hand and now it’s useless as a defensive tool. He doesn’t seem to have a sense of danger or fear of his opponent.

Sanjaasuren can’t believe his good fortune. He immediately takes a high upper sleeve grip on Morishita’s upper left arm to ensure that Morishita is unable to pull away from what comes next, a beautifully executed ashi waza. Notice the downward pulling of the sleeve by Sanjaasuren and how he tucks it in to create the torque needed to complete the throw. Outstanding competitive instincts and technique!!

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