Robert Fukuda Family Olympic Fund Closing Report


On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Michigan Judo Development Association, Inc., I am pleased to report the success of this fund raising effort. The purpose of the fund was to assist Robert Fukuda’s wife and mother to attend the Olympics in London to watch him on the mat, refereeing.

Thanks to the help of over 50 contributors, in just one month, we raised $6185.00, well over our goal of $3500.00. Contributors are listed on the attached list. For MJDA, this is one of the most successful funding campaigns ever.

Support came from across the American judo community, from members of all three national organizations. Many donations were accompanied by very touching words of affection and respect for Robert’s dedication to judo and his embodiment of the ideals of our sport. A letter of thanks from Robert, with photos from London, is attached.

Special thanks to Robert’s colleagues in the judo referee community, who gave generously, in addition to their ongoing contribution of their time to refereeing and their continual encouragement and support for Robert.

Thanks to the Executive Committees of the USJF and Konan Judo Association for permitting announcement of the Fund on their websites. Without that publicity we would not have succeeded.

Although the fund is now officially closed, donations have continued, and will be forwarded to Robert.

Thank you for your support.

Pete Catlos
Board Member
Michigan Judo Development Inc.

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