Special Appeal

One of our Konan dojo head instructors, Parker Shelton, from Indiana is facing a major health challenge. He has advanced cancer and is facing a personal finance challenge for continued medical treatment. His special treatment will cost $40,000. He is $20,000 short. He is already selling everything he can to raise the additional money.

Konan is trying to help him by requesting for donations for him his health care treatment. For those who do not know him, his information is below. Any donations would be deeply appreciated. They can be made through Konan Judo Association (of which you get a tax deduction) or directly to Parker. If you want to donate through Konan please send you donation to: Steve DeRaedt, 5747 Kirkridge Trail, Rochester Hills, MI, 48036. If you want to donate directly to Parker please send your donation to: Parker Shelton, 6125 Cross Creek Blvd., Ft. Wayne, In., 46818.

Please distribute this information where you feel appropriate in order to help him.

Thanks in Advance for your consideration and actions
Steve DeRaedt, President, Konan Judo Association


Mr. Parker Shelton has made many contributions to the martial arts through teaching both karate and judo in many schools. His current school is located in Ft. Wayne Indiana where he teaches several classes to different groups of individuals. His judo program has been active for years. His dojo, for those who have not visited it, was designed by Parker to look like a Japanese Dojo (it is also winterized for the Indiana climate).

Parker also teaches at karate seminars and at various tournaments, he was the first to organize a rules committee for the regulation of pro fighting. He travels to other countries, Romania, Ireland, England and Okinawa to support and share his knowledge of the martial arts. He has taught many self defense classes and taught self defense at the Fort Wayne Police Academy for four years.

Mr. Shelton’s students have numbered in the thousands. He has promoted several Judo Black Belts, many of which are still training and teaching in the Fort Wayne area. He has promoted 12 Karate Black Belts, many are still active in the martial arts and two still instruct at his Fort Wayne School. Many of Mr. Shelton’s students have competed in and won at the local, state, national levels of the AAU and United States Judo Tournaments (USJF, USJA, and USA Judo), PKC and USKK (Karate).

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