Video – Judo 2012 World Masters Almaty: Anai (JPN) – Rakov (KAZ) [-100kg] semi-final


From Jerry Jackson:

An unexpected and devastating ashi waza toward the end of this video ends the Gold Medal ambitions of Takamasa Anai at the 2012 World Masters tournament.

Focus on what happens seconds before Rakov catches Anai off guard with his blazing fast ashi waza: There is a fight for grips, and Rakov notices that Anai keeps his head high and is moving backwards and in a circle to Rakov’s left.

In the fog of grip fighting Anai mades a critical error by releasing both hands. Stop the tape and look for that. Rakov then grabs Anai’s right wrist and pins it against his chest with his left hand while at the exact same moment Ravkov secures a sleeve grip with this right hand on Anai’s lower left arm to prevent Anai from putting his hand down to stop the technique.

What follows next is a perfectly timed and executed ashi waza. The lesson to be learned: if you can’t find an entry point for a major technique, these small techniques can be just as effective when they are perfectly timed.

We must congratulate Rakov for this wonderful example of a competitive ashi waza.

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  1. rdjudo Says:

    That was a cool video. Thanks

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