Kayla Harrison and Travis Stevens Bring Home Gold And Silver From Grand Slam Rio


From USA-Judo:

June 11, 2012 – USA Judo’s Kayla Harrison, a favorite to take the nation’s first Olympic gold in judo this summer, demonstrated once again yesterday that she is worthy of that rare metal, and  U.S. Olympic teammate Travis Stevens showed the world that he is back from injuries and ready to scale the highest podiums on earth.

Not a nanosecond passed today that Kayla Harrison, 78 kg (NYAC/TeamForce, Wakefield, Mass.) was not in control during her two short matches that put her on the pinnacle of the podium at the 2012 Grand Slam Rio de Janeiro over the weekend, twisting and wrenching her first opponent into an arm bar with seeming ease, then planting her second challenger with an ippon seoi nage (shoulder throw).

Click here for full story from USA-Judo.

Michigan Judo Development supports Kayla Harrison. Click here to learn more about MJDA.

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