2012 Konan Board of Governors Officers Election


In conjunction with the Fall Promotion Clinic, we will hold the 2012 Konan Fall Board of Governors Meeting and Elections at the Ann Arbor YMCA:

Open positions include: President, First VP, Second VP, Treasurer, and Secretary. By way of background, Steven DeRaedt is the current President, Jim Murray is the Current 1st VP, Pete Catlos, current 2nd VP, John Berra, Current Treasurer and Eric Richards is the current secretary. Terms are for two years and we encourage you to contact the current officers for info on these volunteer positions. I will also be available to discuss any questions via email, or phone (248 709 9330).

Please submit your interest in any position to Steven DeRaedt via email  before August 24 so we can include you on the ballot and send out with the BoG agenda for the meeting. You are encouraged to talk with others about creating a team that can help us manage the transition between administrations and if you want to nominate somebody, please contact them in advance to ensure their support.

Having interested, dedicated and qualified volunteers is critical to ensure the vitality of Konan in the years to come, crucial in maintaining our relationship with USJF and JAM and other member clubs and we hope you will join us in this important effort.

Steven DeRaedt
President, Konan

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