Konan Honors Michael Eldred with Life Membership


Today, the Executive Committee of the Konan Judo Association awarded Michael Eldred of Fruitland ID an Honorary Konan Life Membership.

This award is in recognition of  Michael’s dedication, perseverance. tenacity and accomplishment in elite international competitive judo and his embodiment of the ideals of judo.

Michael resides in a remote area of the country. He has had to travel far afield at great personal expense over many years for top international competition and training.  He has made many personal sacrifices striving to excel at judo.

Despite this busy schedule, Michael has been a great friend to Konan, leading several clinics for our young players.  During his visits, he has shown himself to be an exceptional role model for our Konan kids, and for all judoka. embodying the ideals of judo:  Michael is modest , unassuming, hard-working and fully committed to the sport of judo.

At the same time, Michael understands the importance of education, and reminded our young judoka that they must be good students and good citizens as well as good judo players.

Thank you, Michael for your commitment to judo and for your friendship and help to the young judoka of Konan. We are proud to welcome you as an honorary member of our yudanshakai.

The award will be presented to Michael at the 2012 Junior Nationals in Spokane in July.

Steven DeRaedt
Konan Judo Association

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