Minutes – Konan Judo Association Annual meeting of the Board of Governors – April 15, 2012


Please click below to review the Minutes of the recent Konan Board of Governors Meeting:

2012 Konan Annual Meeting Minutes v1 (01125111)

As a followup, I am contemplating having a short conference call (60 minute) with interested dojo senseis  and other Konan members in mid-May (on a Sunday night) to discuss how best to “grow” judo in Konan. As we discussed, our collective membership numbers are hovering in place over the past several years rather than growing at a nice pace.

Often our BoG agendas are crowded with administration matters that we don’t have time to seek input, share ideas, ask questions about impediments to growing judo participation and membership. It’s no different than trying to get a real plant to blossom. How it grows and takes hold all depends on the plant, where you plant it, fertilize it, some things you cannot control like the weather, what you plant next to it, etc. I personally think we have good product in judo, a great National Organization in USJF, enough tournaments (probably close to 10 in our Yudanshakai and a couple more nearby) and clinics (2 or three/year), experienced instructors, etc. but this recipe is not making our judo plant prosper. Why?

Please use the website comment feature to add your comments and thoughts to this post and to start a discussion before the meeting.

Participation in the meeting only requires TWO things:

  1. Bring an idea on how to grow judo, hopefully one that has worked for you that you can share
  2. Tell us one constraint that we can solve that you see in preventing you from growing judo. For example, I cannot make more than 24 hours in a day, make video games go away, or breakup soccer leagues.

Click here to let me know via email if you can participate in this meeting on Sunday, May 20 at 8 PM EST?


Steven DeRaedt
248 709 9330

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