Rick Hawn Clinics – May 4 – 6, 2012


2004 JUDO OLYMPIAN & BELLATOR PRO MMA FIGHTER Mr. Rick Hawn will be conducting a three day (May 4 and 5 at Chu To Bu Dojo in Ohio and May 6 in Michigan at Saito-dojo, Birmingham YMCA) workshop covering kids judo, competitive judo, applications of judo in no-gi Grappling, jiu jitsu & MMA.

Rick has established himself as one of USA’s finest judokas competing on the USA Olympic Judo Team in 2004 & USA World Judo Team in 2007.

Rick is currently one of Bellator’s premier fighters, competing in the Lightweight Tournament for Bellator’s Championship Belt. Click here to see Rick use judo in MMA.

USJF sanction is pending for judo clinics and a flyer is under development.

Contact Paul Jordan for info on Ohio clinics and Steven DeRaedt for MI clinics.

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