Konan USJF Coaching Clinic – Saito Dojo – March 10, 2012


Featured Clinician: Jerry Wee, 6th Dan

Where: Saito Dojo at Birmingham YMCA, 400 E. Lincoln, Birmingham, MI 48009

When: Saturday, March 10, 2012 from 12:15 pm – 4 00 PM

Requirements: No gi required. Open to current members of the USJF, USJA or USJI.  In order for participants to qualify for a USJF certificate they must:

1. Be a current USJF member and present a current member card.
2. Completely fill out all paperwork
3. Have a current background check within the last four years.
4. Take the online test and pass.
5. The clinic will be for a Bronze level only.

Cost: $30/individual at door (course discount of 10% certified with Positive Coaching Alliance).  Certification fees are $60.00 per person (check made out to USJF): This includes the fees for a certificate and badge.

Send advance registration materials to Jerry Wee 16151 Touraine Drive, Clinton Township, MI 48038 or bring filled out registration  material to the clinic. Please contact Jerry Wee if you are attending at: Phone: (586) 263-4383 or  by email.

Click here for registration package and more information: Konan USJF Coaching Clinic

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