Upcoming Michigan Tournaments


Please do your part and prepare in advance for your registration to the upcoming Konan Invitational and MI Open. This makes the checkin and pooling process more expeditious for everyone and makes sure we can keep the tournament on schedule. It will be for everyone “mutual welfare and benefit”!

Print out the required entry forms, fill them out, secure the signatures you need from senseis, parents, and guardians in advance. Check your USJF registration status and you can find a form at USJF.com, if your registration is outdated.

Bring a white and blue belt as we will not have an inventory for use. If you don’t have one, you can buy one from Kwon that will be on site at this tournament.

2012 Konan Invitational

2012 Michigan Open Judo Championships

Steven DeRaedt
Konan President

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