2012 Michigan Open Judo Championships


Date: Sunday, March 18, 2012

Location: Michigan State University Gymnasium, IM Bldg.-West, East Lansing, MI

Tournament Director: Mr. Neil Simon

Head Referee: Mr. Thomas Sheehan (IJF-B)


  • Junior
  • Senior Novice
  • Senior Brown & Black Belt
  • Masters
  • Team

Kata (Mixed Pairs Allowed):

  • Nage-no-kata
  • Katame-no-kata
  • Kime-no-kata
  • Ju-no-kata
  • Goshin jitsu
  • Itsusu-no-kata
  • Koshiki-no-kata

Head Kata Judge: Mrs. Frances Glaze (Level A Judge)

Click here for full entry package: 2012 Michigan Open Judo Championships

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