Olympian Yoko Tananbe Clinic – Tohkon Judo, Chicago


To All Judo Friends,

The Chicago Judo Black Belt Association’s Woman’s Committee and the Tohkon Judo Academy are honored to announce the “Yoko Tanabe Technique Clinic”.

Two Time Olympic Silver Medalist, Two Time World Championship Silver Medalist, Ms. Yoko Tanabe, 6th dan, will be sharing her World Class Judo Techniques with us on December 16-18, 2011 at the Tohkon Judo Academy.

Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to learn from an outstanding, World Class Judoka.

Click here for a flyer with detailed information. Pass this on to all judoka, coaches, and sensei.

Doug Tono

  Tohkon Judo Academy4427 N. Clark St., Chicago, IL 60640
Phone: 773.784.7766
Website: www.tohkon.com
Click here to Email

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