St. Francis Bushido Dojo Wins Medals in Rapid City


Report from Sensei David Halmi:

Here are pictures of our St. Francis Bushido team after the  Dynamic Martial Arts Championships 2011 tournament in Rapid City on November 5, 5,2011. Click on any photo to zoom and start the photo carousel.

This was our second tournament against martial clubs from all over South Dakota and St. Francis Bushido Dojo was the only judo club participating.

Special thanks to USJF and Konan Judo Association for financial support and to Mike Shields Him for assisting Sensei David Halmi


  • Lightweight Youth-Jacob Wike- 1st Place
  • Heavyweight Youth- Royal Wike- 2nd Place
  • Super Heavyweight Youth- Brandis Shields Him- 3rd Place
  • Gi Division Adults- Calvin- Iron Shell- 1st round   Loss
  • No Gi Adults- Calvin Iron Shell- 2nd Place
  • Grand Champion Division Adults- Mike Shields Him- 1st Round Loss
  • No Gi Advanced Division Adults- Mike Shields Him-1st place
  • Ken Wike- did not compete- injury
Congratulations to all competitors!
David Halmi, Sensei
St. Francis Bushido Dojo

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