Al Panackia Fund Raiser


From Sensei Frances Glaze:

Sensei Al Panackia has suffered a severe injury to both his quadriceps while demonstrating kata at the July Junior Nationals in Toledo.

As many of you know, Panackia-sensei is an accomplished kata practitioner and competitor, winning gold, silver and bronze medals in World Masters Kata competition as well as competing in the 1st World Kata Championships in Malta in 2009.

This injury has left Al immobilized and unable to work while he is in long term recovery. He is unable to climb stairs and so is confined to the ground floor of his home. This has created great financial and emotional hardship.

In order to help alleviate this stress, I have undertaken a fundraising campaign to buy Panackia-sensei an iPad and internet service so he can stay in touch with his many friends and supporters. Please help support this effort by sending contributions to me, Frances Glaze.

Please e-mail me for details on where to send the contribution. Our target is $1400. So far we have raised $500. Contributions in any amount are appreciated.

Thank you for your consideration.

Frances Glaze
Vice-Chair USJF Kata Committee
Member USA Judo Kata Committee
Click here to e-mail for information on how to contribute.

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