Konan Promotion Notice to all Senseis


USJF Standards for judo grade promotions and the recordkeeping therein are one of the core foundations in maintaining integrity in our USJF judo standards both locally and nationally.

If we want to ensure the longevity of judo and quality teaching, it is important to maintain consistent qualification standards. Rank is important to individuals and quality control in this area is everyone’s job.

Maintenance and attention to these details starts at the dojo level with kyu promotions and extends to recording performances at shiais, clinics, etc. (in your little black book from USJF) and ultimately ends with sending forms and requests for promotion to the Konan Registrar (kyu level), BoE Chairperson and National Office (dan level).

In order to ease your efforts and improve communication of expectations, we have created the Konan Promotion page (click here).

Konan’s Executive Committee and Board of Examiners felt it was important to reacquaint everyone with the kyu and Dan level promotion process, forms (when/where to mail them), fees, contact info, and expectations. In addition, the benefits (e.g. discounts and TIG reductions) for a Konan and USJF Life Membership are outlined as well.

The fees payable to Konan ($5 for Junior Kyu promotions and $15 for Senior Kyu promotions help cover the processing of certificates) and the forms, as well as where to mail info is noted in the procedures.

I hesitate to mention how often (and needlessly) we confront a situation where somebody wants to test for a black belt and their records are incomplete and kyu promotions not recorded. It is also important if you move to another Yudanshakai that your records are in order so Konan can transfer your rank standing. I would ask each sensei to develop a promotion process in their dojo so we can be proud of the quality and consistency of ourjudo rank granting process. Kyu promotions are the building block and foundation of this system and the testing and granting of the certificate should be an exciting event for the judoka.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the undersigned.

Finally, in order to give you sufficient preparation and practice time, we have scheduled the next Konan Promotion Clinic on Sunday, Sept. 11 at MSU.

Steven DeRaedt, President and Don Flagg (Chairman, BoE)

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