2011 Rock and Roll and All Womens Judo Tournaments


Hello all Judoka,

Michael Mooney, Julee Cope and Deborah Fergus invite you to a great weekend of Judo, two events the 16th “Rock and Roll Capital of the World” and the “7th All Women’s Judo Championship” and clinics on Sept. 24-25, 2011 the same weekend at the same venue, the Cloverleaf Recreation Center 8525 Friendsville Rd. Lodi, Ohio 44254.

Both male and female compete on Saturday Sept. 24th in the Rock & Roll Judo and Grappling tournament.

Ladies, Michael is giving you a $10 reduction in R&R entry fee if you are preregistered for the All Women’s Championship.

Both Male and Female can attend the AWC Coaches, Referee, Kata or Technical Clinics offered at the end of the R&R competition on Sat the 24th. We estimate from 3 to 7pm.

On Sunday Sept 25th female only compete in the 7th All Women’s Judo Championship. Current International Women’s Judo Alliance members will receive $10 reduction in entry fee.


Bring the family. Have a real family judo outing. Get two events in one weekend, at the same venue, one drive.


  • Michael Mooney R&R Tournament Dir – e-mail
  • Julee Cope AWC Co Dir. – e-mail
  • Deborah Fergus AWC Dir. – e-mail

Michael A. Mooney
Work – 440-646-9900
Cell – 440-376-1376

One Response to “2011 Rock and Roll and All Womens Judo Tournaments”

  1. Deb Says:

    Thank you to Konan for this post. Ladies and Gentleman this is the first time we have combined these events in the hope that we can make it a family weekend of Judo.
    We have a very nice host hotel. The hotel has a big Jacuzzi pool, hot breakfast, laundry etc. We have weigh-in for the AWC on Saturday. There will be a concession stand and much more.
    Take advantage of the Clinics. Get Certified in one of the clinic events be it Kata, Coaching, Refereeing or Technical Official.
    We are looking forward to a great weekend.
    Be well, play hard,
    Deb, Mike and Julee

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