Annual USJF Club Registration Notice


Renewing Konan dojos will receive their 2011/12 renewal registration package from the USJF National Office shortly and I would encourage your renewal with Konan and prompt reply.

The club registration deadline September 1, 2011.

Your continued support is what makes the clinics, tournaments, promotion management, and website possible both within the Yudanshakai and within the USJF.

New clubs, or dojos that may have let their 2010/11 registration lapse are also requested to review the new club registration file that is on the website.

I am available to answer questions.

Steven DeRaedt
President and Acting Registrar, Konan
Click here to e-mail
248 709 9330

Here are the necessary forms:

Club Registration Application

Certificate of Insurance Request

Indivdual Membership Form

Indivdual Membership Form

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