Troy Judo Club Wins Konan Golf Raffle


Down the fairway

Congratulations to Troy Judo Club, top raffle ticker purchasers and winners of the Konan Golf Raffle.

Steve DeRaedt has already started training  – carrying four bags is tough, but he’ll do it for Konan!

2 Responses to “Troy Judo Club Wins Konan Golf Raffle”

  1. Gary Wood Says:

    The contract clearly calls for Steve to carry 4 bags AND 2 coolers. I just wanted to clarify to remove any confusion on golf day.

    Troy Judo

  2. konanjudo Says:

    Indeed. Mr. Wood has a keen eye for detail. Yes, Little Stevie Dee will be carrying bags and coolers. Anything less would be a serious breach. However, depending on the contents of the coolers, this may actually contribute to the confusion on golf day.

    Congratulations again to Troy Judo Club for winning and many thanks for supporting Konan Yudanshakai’s fundraising efforts.

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