Nakano Junior Competition Clinic Reminder


Please send your pre-registrations to the upcoming June 11/12 to Steven DeRaedt: 5747 Kirkridge Trail, Rochester Hills, MI 48306.

Pre-registrations will be guaranteed placement as we will limit the clinic attendance to 30 people/each day.

Also, we will pick three pre-regs that we receive before the end of May and invite them to a special preview night.

Click here for forms and further information  about the clinic.  Coaches and instructors are welcome as well as junior competitors.

The video  below shows Nakano-sensei leading a ne-waza clinic.   Note:  the upcoming clinic will cover all aspects of  competitive judo for juniors, including tachi-waza, gripping, tactics, etc.  The video below is just a sample of Nakano-sensei’s instruction.

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