2011 Indiana State Open Results – Updated 05/26


Thanks to all who helped make this years Indiana State Championships a success.

We had over 250 competitors from 27 clubs.

Thanks to all the referees who helped the tournament run smoothly and to all the workers from other clubs who volunteered to help in the spirit of Judo.   Click here for the complete results: 2011 Indiana State Results

The top ten clubs were:

  1.  Judan Judo
  2.  Anderson YMCA
  3. Marion PAL
  4. Club Bushido
  5. Columbus Judo
  6. Southside Judo
  7. Lakeside Judo
  8. Parker Shelton/Bushido Sports Center
  9. Hamilton Judo
  10. Hahn’s Martial Arts

Vickie Daniels
Brad Daniels

Judan Judo

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