Paul Jordan Promotion Announcement

Konan Judo Association is proud to announce the USJF promotion of Paul Jordan (aka “JudoJordan”) to Rokudan (6th Degree Black Belt).

This  honor is a testimony to Paul’s talents as both a teacher and competitor, as well as his dedication to judo over the years. Refer to the pictures below and you will know this success did not happen overnight.

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As the head sensei at Chu To Bu West in Avon, OH  and a PJU referee, Paul spends many hours teaching, running judo camps (he has one coming up in June with World Champion, Kayla Harrison) and refereeing. He has been my good friend, workout partner, and judo colleague for many years.

Please congratulate Paul on this accomplishment and visit him sometime in Ohio (his club is participant in the Konan Mat pass program) for a camp, workout, or tournament.

Steven DeRaedt
President, Konan

3 Responses to “Paul Jordan Promotion Announcement”

  1. Deb Says:

    Congratulations Paul

  2. D. Speakman Says:

    Paul: I have watched you participate in many judo events, via different capacities, over many years, my congratulations on this well deserved promotion.

  3. Bill Graves Says:

    Actually, Paul was a PJU referee, but earned the higher level of IJF referee.

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