32nd Annual Tora Tournament – April 30, 2011


Thanks to Ed Spike of Waterloo ON for submitting this tournament.

Ed refereed at both the 2011 Konan Invitational and 2011 Michigan Open Tournaments.

Historically, the Tora Tournament has been a very large club tournament drawing 100’s of players, with an excellent tournament with many players in all categories: male and female juniors, male and female seniors and masters.

This is an excellent tournament to get a lot of mat experience with some new opponents.

Canadian clubs such as the Sarnia Y Judo Club, Kidokan Judo and Tsunami Judo have been long-time supporters of our events – this is a chance to reciprocate and get many good contests.

Referees and officials, please consider supporting this event. Along with Ed, Bob Sing and Pat Holman of Sarnia have frequently officiated at our events.  Please consider helping at Tora.  Great food, too.

Click here for further information:

http://www.torajudo.com/tournament.htm – Online Registration is available here


Note: Pre-registration is required for out-of province entries and the deadline is April 24.

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