Advance Alert on Women’s Self Defense Clinics in April and May ’11 at Birmingham YMCA


Your wife, daughters, friends, girlfriends, etc. may be interested in the attached flyer (click here) for Self Defense classes that have been developed in association with the United States Judo Federation.

In the past, we have often emphasized the sport and competitive elements of judo and not demonstrated the key skill sets related to practical self defense.

Accordingly, we have developed a self defense curriculum targeted for the general population that emphasize awareness and learning of techniques, including an introduction to falling, that the average person can master effectively.

There will be be two sessions scheduled as noted on the attached flyer One date in late April and one in mid-May, both on Saturday afternoon.Since the class is meant to be an introduction, a more formal self defense training curriculum with four classes will be offered at a later date to provide the forum for expanding the learning and allowing some practicing of techniques learned in prior sessions.

Please let me know if this is something that you are interested in and feel free to share with friends, relatives and the like.  FYI, there is still a waiver form in process, but I wanted to provide an advance scheduling alert.

Steven DeRaedt  E-mail
248 709 9330

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