Konan and JAM Call for Volunteers – USA Judo Scholastics


A message from Steve DeRaedt, Konan President, and Dave Wertheimer, JAM President:

“We” have volunteered to staff a mat at the Scholastics in Grand Rapids on April 2/3.

April 1 is a setup day and April 3 is takedown day.

Click here for more information about this event.

We are soliciting your support for three main tasks:

  1. Setup on April 1: Starts in early AM
  2. April 2/3: Mat Scoring and Adm. Support
  3. Take-down on April 3 (after tournament concludes)

FYI, We will have funding to help with gas and hotel (we will need to consolidate several in a room) and we will determine details once we have staffing commitments.  You will get to watch some high quality judo, learn about scoring and refereeing first hand and get fed and get to meet and work a couple days with a really cool mat supervisor.

Can you send us your interest and commitment for which task (1/2/3) by return email before March 10 so we can assess our situation?

Since we did this last year for the President’s Cup, we are hoping to have some “trained returnee volunteers” to make this proceed effectively.  We need to have enough folks to provide relief as well.

Thanks in advance and call/email with any questions.

Steve DeRaedt 248.709.9330 Click to e-mail

Dave Wertheimer 248.444.1820 Click to E-mail

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